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Pro Hip Resistance  Band

Pro Hip Resistance Band

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The perfect accessory to sculpt, lift and build your best booty. They are made of Polyester cotton + latex silk, making them light-weight and durable. Great for workouts at the gym, home or on the go. 

Green Weak Pull Lx W 12" * 3"

Pink Medium Pull L x W  14" x 3"

Violet Strong Pull L x W 16" x 3"

 'We believe fitness is the key to self-empowerment.

Intensify all your leg and butt workouts with Pro Hip Bands. Use it to warm up, activate your glutes and add resistance to your favorite lower body exercises! 





 Pro Hip Band Set is designed for results to build toned muscle, help with activation, tightening up, getting rid of cellulite, perfect addition to strength training, correct formation. Great for stability and therapy

LIFT, TONE, and BUILD your Booty!! whether you workout at home or the gym the Pro Hip Bands help you target and activate those glute muscles shaping and lifting your butt, burning off fat giving you that perfect peach!

Why Add Resistance?

Lift, Tone, Build - Enhance almost any exercise by adding that extra resistance with these bands.

Glute Activation - The Pro Hip Bands are the perfect gear to use in your glute activation exercises for guaranteed booty gains.



 Firm and Durable;

 Comfortable in touch and wear;

 Perfect for lower body excercises including forward, lateral, and backward     movements;


✔ Improve your performance and can help even with gentle stretching exercises

✔ Great for people recovering from injury for home physiotherapy exercises

✔ Uses super stretchy, durable cotton and latex blend that won’t snap or stretch out of shape

✔ Washable and easy to clean after workouts

✔ A priceless gift for any fitness fanatic in your life

✔ Backed by our hassle-free no questions asked money back guarantee


- 3 x Hip bands with different resistance levels or lengths



 Most VERSATILE FITNESS AID: Get the latest revolution in ultimate fitness and take your workouts to the next level. Our hip resistance bands can be used to rev up your workouts no matter what fitness method you use, from Cross Fit to Yoga these bands can help support to increase mobility, stamina, and strength.

  IMPROVE YOUR FORM: Wearing a hip band while doing exercises that require good form, such as squats or lifts can help you exercise correctly and avoid injury from poor form. Use the hip band during warm-ups too for more dynamic results.

 SHAPE AND FIRM YOUR THIGHS AND GLUTES: Our hip resistance bands are designed to increase flexibility and strength to lift, tone and shape your body with minimal effort. They can help accelerate firming results when combined with exercises that tone your legs and butt.

 TOP NOTCH QUALITY: Made of ultra strong and stretchy, cotton and elastic blend and tested by pro-athletes. Our hip, legs and butt bands offer the best experience to enjoy your workout to the fullest. These bands will never snap, rip or roll-up, like many other cheap inferior brands available out there and we guarantee that you are getting the best quality hip bands on the market.